kitchi-kitchy is a collective of two: Lacy Simons and Jared Paradee. Between them, they create and sell: embroidered interpretations of 19th century scientific illustrations; shadow boxes & dioramas; photographic prints; op-art drawings and collage; handmade & handlettered calendars; tiny crafted oddities; stickers; on-the-spot typewritten poems and a small selection of vintage and vintage-inspired goods.



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This is by far my favorite tweet ever.

Handily summed up.


Sunset on Mars, over the rim of Gusev Crater + (NASA, et al.)



next time someone demands your digits and you want to get out of the situation, you can give them this number: (669) 221-6251.

when the person calls or texts, an automatically-generated quotation from feminist writer bell hooks will respond for you.

protect your privacy while dropping some…

everyone praise the feminist phone intervention for one of the best ideas of all time.


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Karen Russell at McNally-Jackson, 6/12/14


“And everyone has, at some point, met a man like Chanac: those lucky individuals who continually fail upward, who are fired for incompetence or for some abuse of power and instantly find a better job. We ordinary mortals would have wound up in jail or on the street! But these chosen ones rise higher—in politics, business, or even at a sleepy provincial high school.”

—Francine Prose, Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932


Tim made it into Slaughterhouse 90210! That’s real fame.




Learnt an interesting thing today on this arabic course,

The original Arabic number system looked like this, the one we now use.

It was designed so each character had the corresponding number of angles to the number, so the number 1 has 1 angle, 2 has 2 angles, 3 has 3, 0 has none etc…

It is so obvious now, I’ve always assumed its one of those things that just is, with no logical explanation, but here it is, perfectly simple and satisfying

My jaw is legit on the floor right about now :D



Spectra of Daylight through Coloured Gasses & Vapours. Plates from William Allen Miller’s article On some cases of lines in the prismatic spectrum. Part of the digital collection Color and Optics. (Source: (via lindahall)

Jared Reclines | 2013


looking at shoes


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